Human Resources

Green Garden Hotels, which has been offering a superior holiday experience with its flawless service understanding since its opening, continues to grow stronger with its responsible expert staff who see themselves as part of a large team. If you have success in your mind and extraordinary work in your pocket, we invite you to be a part of this big family.

Human Resources

Our Vision

Green Garden Hotels; It acts with the awareness that the key factor that provides long-term competitive advantage is the corporate culture, which is very difficult to imitate, and its employees create this culture.

It acts within the framework of the principle of "The Right Person for the Right Job" while choosing its employees. It selects employees who have the characteristics suitable for the qualifications required by the job in question.

It motivates its employees with a constructive and participatory management style.

It plans and provides the training and career development of its employees in line with the principle of "Equal Opportunity", taking into consideration the company goals, personal goals and competencies; It pays attention to the protection of all employees who create value for its guests, company and colleagues and the environment it is in.

Human Resources

Our Mission

Creating organizational success and performance,

Provision of sufficient human resources with appropriate training and experience, capable of developing themselves and their work, and adopting shared and group values,

To provide the necessary support to all Green Garden Hotels management levels and employees in order to ensure its continuity.


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