Sadullahoğlu A.Ş

Sadullahoğlu A.Ş., one of the oldest family of Green Garden Hotels Alanya. establishment. The company started its activities in the white goods sector in 1983 and continued its tourism investments as Green Garden Apart in 1996 with increasing bed capacity until today.


Our Vision

Our main principle is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to be a strong and reliable organization with the understanding of continuous improvement.

All of our employees are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction in quality and service and continuously improving our quality. 'Customer Satisfaction' is our most important job.

While moving forward in accordance with the universal conditions of our age; To contribute to the development and welfare of the society we are in, to be a company that all persons / organizations in relation to the sector trust, respect and want to work with.


Our Mission

In the sector we operate in; respectful to the individual, society and law; To meet the expectations of our customers and employees at the highest level in an environmentally sensitive manner that is committed to economic and moral principles. To lay solid foundations for our future and to ensure customer satisfaction with the voluntary participation of our employees;

We must maintain efficiency and quality in service,

We must protect our competitive power by reducing service costs,

We must constantly improve our quality,

We must improve the quality of work life,

We must attach importance to the training of our staff,

We must follow modern technology,

We must take care to protect the natural environment,

We must ensure that all personnel are sensitive about quality.


Our History

Step by Step From Past to Present..

  • 2020

    Green Garden Resort has been completely renewed with all its units.

    It gained a completely different look and quality with its renewed face.

  • 2014

    Green Garden Suite Opened

    It started to serve with all its rooms.

  • 2011

    Green Garden Resort and Villas Put into Service

    It started to serve in villas besides our normal rooms.

  • 1996

    Green Garden Resort Opened for Service

    Green Garden Resort started to serve in a magnificent land and nature.

  • 1982

    Sadullahoğlu A.Ş

    In 1982, Sadullahoğlu Inc. started to serve in the white goods sector.